Energetic Connections

My energy sensitivity has been much higher lately, and it’s been super interesting to observe. 🍿 I’ve been learning a ton!

– My energetic system can get hijacked not only by the energy of other people and places, but also the 3rd energy created when I have an emotional/energetic relationship with another person. The third energy has a will and life of its own, and it can speak and act through me if I’m not conscious of it. In the past, I’ve mistaken this for my own excitement about a new friendship or relationship, and on outside it can look like an obsessive crush or even mania. If I am aware of it, I can still feel that energy and even utilize it to fuel my daily activities if I wish, but I’m also aware of how I feel, what I want and what my body needs. I can choose to consciously focus on my own stuff while holding other people’s stuff or 3rd energy stuff in a space of allowing, patience, and compassion. Note: I think most people if not everyone can experience this at times, and that’s why it’s so hard to sleep and sometimes even eat when you first fall in love, and you often feel optimistic and energized and ready to take on the world (unless you have a lot of attachment trauma in which case the experience is more uncomfortable and possibly even downright scary), for example. Some 3rd energies are a lot stronger/more overwhelming/overpowering than others.

– The same is true for group energies (such as in a living space, work space, class, friend group, a band, an audience, a Facebook group or group chat, a family, etc.) though it’s not usually as apparent because those energies aren’t typically as stable. They’re less stable in large part because they’re not as commonly built on physic/telepathic/energetic connections between/among the people involved. It’s also because…

– When I have strong energetic/psychic connections with multiple people or am party to a strong third/group energy, all those different energies can intermingle with each other within my energetic field and psyche even if those people/groups never meet each other. Similarly, the energetic connections people have with others can impact me.

– Sometimes, having a very strong energetic/psychic connection with another person means you’re literally in each other’s minds, and you’re each trying to use the same mental space for your own things. There’s a process of “getting to know each other” when relationships/friendships get established that involves rearranging your mental space (or rather, the stuff in it) to function well with theirs sharing some of that space. It’s like the mental version of two people who each already have their own sets of everything trying move in together in one space that may or may not be much bigger than what they each had alone. You need to either figure out how to live and work around each other’s stuff or learn to share. This is one of the reasons why getting involved with a new person can be really confusing and make it hard to think, focus, and function as normal. This is also why splitting up with that person can be so incredibly difficult and once again make it incredibly hard to function for a little while. You need to go buy a new can opener again, so to speak. (Again, some relationships and friendships have a MUCH greater area of overlap than others, so this isn’t always so notable.) The level of confusion this creates has to do in part with how compatible the people’s ways of thinking and areas of focus in life are to start. Note: The process can happen with or without much “real life” interaction between the two people.

– These types of connections can have a very healing or somewhat (possibly even very, in some cases) damaging impact on one or both of the parties involved in the relationship/friendship regardless of how much they actually interact (though it is generally stronger with more interaction provided the same amount of conscious awareness of is present both ways).

– Unconscious parts of each person can interact with unconscious parts of the other, so there can be A LOT going on beneath the surface of consciousness. Partners can share dream space as well. When involved in these types of strong energetic connections, it’s a good idea to take time to hold space for parts of you, the other person or people, and the third/group energies to bring concerns to conscious awareness so things can be addressed/healed/unburdened in loving, compassionate ways.

– These people are also able to emotionally uplift each other or spiral off of each other’s bad moods and ruminations when these connections are strong, so it’s incredibly important to be conscious of them! Without that awareness, it’s very, very easy to just spiral and assume that it’s your own feelings, thoughts, and experiences in the world that are causing you to feel that way. With that awareness, conscious focus can be returned to your own thoughts, feelings, desires, and needs.

– Reminder: Don’t assume that thoughts and feelings are yours just because you’re hearing them in your head or feeling them in your body or heart. Ask if part of you is thinking/feeling that way and why. Explore it. When you have particularly strong psychic connections with others, sometimes parts of you feel something just because parts of the other person is feeling that way! It’s so incredibly helpful to be able to recognize when this is happening.

– I’ve learned to recognize how it feels when others are willing me to do things. It has a distinct feeling that I unfortunately can’t describe, but it’s incredibly valuable to be able to notice this now because it’s a really uncomfortable feeling, and I didn’t know what it was in the past!

– I already knew I could literally send energies that come at me into the ground when they’re overwhelming to me when I’m out and about or interacting with other people, but I forgot that. I’ve also learned that when the energy in a place is unpleasant, I can do something similar while filling the place with white light, but it takes repeated efforts over a somewhat long period of time in order to make a real change UNLESS there are entities hanging around there that can be addressed/cleared or there are people who spend a lot of time there with whom I interact (whether in person or energetically).

– I’ve been finding that interacting with me is often more impactful on the energies of others than I’d imagined. Watching someone’s energy before, during, and after a brief interaction with me is fascinating and incredibly humbling at times. Sometimes, just saying hi to someone can catalyze a major shift in the person that lasts beyond whatever simple, quick interaction we may have had. I’ve seen other really impactful people as well. Most people are usually only slightly impactful, but there’s a whole range of possible levels of influence that people can have. Observing this gives me a sense of responsibility to take really good care of my body, mind (parts), and energy. I wonder if my negative impact when I’m in a bad place is as strong as my positive impact… It doesn’t seem like it though. It seems like I’m either mostly ignored or lovingly supported by others when I’m in a bad place. 💕

– Most of what I’ve said above can apply to entities as much as to people, and a lot of people have entity attachments of which they’re unaware.

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