Pluto Conjunct Moon in a Natal Chart

A conjunction is two planets being so close together that they have a very strong impact on each other. This particular conjunction is one of the most intense, and it also provides the person with strong intuition and an ability to transform themselves and their lives dramatically. This is a very, very powerful aspect that can turn quite dark at times. If you have this aspect in your chart, understanding and knowing how to work with these intense energies is the key to harnessing your personal power in the world and finding significantly more comfort in your life.

When the Moon is conjunct Pluto, it means that the way you were nurtured as an infant and child was somehow tied into power dynamics. Power dynamics do not belong in emotional nurturing or caring for an infant, and the result of combining these two discordant energies is a very complicated and sensitive relationship between your emotional security needs and themes of control and dominance. Even if the primary manifestation of this conjunction in your life is merely a reluctance to allow others to see your emotions, that’s still a form of self-control that leads to internalization and therefore intensification of your feelings. There’s no escaping the intensity of this conjunction, but there are ways to make peace with, positively utilize, and even enjoy it once you learn how to work with it. And yes, the amount of intensity experienced in day-to-day life does diminish, and the heaviness lightens up, as you go through the process of unburdening.

There are many different possible manifestations for any placement, of course. It’s possible that the people who nurtured you (especially your mother) withheld affection and acceptance in order to control you, were emotionally manipulative, were secretive, had their own dark moods, expected you to control your feelings, were vindictive, were prying regarding your inner world, were controlling just in general, or were extremely clingy to you. If your mother was especially healthy, then this may have instead manifested as her encouraging you to explore your darker feelings as she held space for you to process them. However, varying amounts of the former types of patterns are more typical with this conjunction.

Our early nurturing is the foundation for how we process our feelings throughout life and inwardly reflect on what’s happening around and to us. Nurturing is largely about soothing and preventing discomfort, emotional bonding, and the development of trust that we’re safe and our needs will be met. Having this conjunction indicates that you were taught that in order to receive those things in life, you’re also going to have to deal with a lot of heavy and intense themes as described below.

Keep in mind that the rest of the natal chart (as well as the charts of important people in your life) are extremely important in determining how themes will play out for you. That said, these are some of the positive and negative possible themes and tendencies that may play out in adulthood if your Moon is conjunct Pluto in your natal chart:

  • Having an intense inner world and strong emotions
  • Trying to control your feelings
  • Trying to keep your feelings a secret from others
  • Trying to read other people’s emotions and analyze what you see
  • Being sensitive to any possible attempt to manipulate you
  • Being perceptive just in general
  • Being secretive just in general
  • Ruminating
  • Using escapism of various types (substance abuse, distractions, etc.) to keep yourself out of your feelings
  • Having the ability to handle dark subjects and situations
  • Tending towards psychoanalysis of people and situations
  • Being a bit of a natural detective
  • Needing the correct power dynamics (whatever that means for you) in relationships in order to feel emotionally safe, secure, and happy
  • Having a stronger than average need for human touch in your life, particularly physical affection, in order to feel your best in day-to-day life
  • Trying to analyze how emotionally safe you’ll be in later stages of a relationship instead of staying present with where things are now (this can paradoxically lead to forming intense attachments without having first built the relationship’s foundation together which can sometimes then lead to disappointment or further feelings of rejection because your partner may not be as intensely invested quite yet, and this can cause you to want to withdraw or push them away before they have a chance to get there as well)
  • Obsessively thinking about something or someone (possibly to the extent of limerence)
  • Focusing intently on what you want over long periods of time (which can lead to successes of various types in life due to your persistence)
  • Learning as much as you can about any subject that’s interesting to you
  • Learning as much as you can about other people’s inner worlds
  • Perceiving rejection that isn’t actually there (even in long term relationships)
  • Withdrawing when there’s a perceived rejection
  • Feeling jealous and possessive of romantic partners
  • Withholding attention or affection when you feel hurt
  • Having revenge fantasies
  • Isolating yourself when you’re hurting and/or being emotionally reactive instead of communicative
  • Worrying that if you share how you’re feeling with others, it’ll be too intense for them
  • Eventually having strong emotional outbursts at times
  • Needing intensity in close relationships
  • Fearing abandonment
  • Having a very hard time with break ups
  • Having strong intuition about what’s happening inside other people (which will sometimes be shockingly accurate but sometimes way off the mark)
  • Analyzing your own feelings to look for the cause of them
  • Needing to experience deep levels of intimacy in order to feel truly emotionally safe and comfortable in life
  • Needing deep levels of emotional intimacy with another person in order to feel comfortable with physical intimacy (or even possibly desiring physical intimacy at all)
  • Mistaking longing for love
  • Having a heavily guarded heart
  • Having a deep desire to have your strong feelings for another person reciprocated
  • Being extremely self-controlled (or at least trying to be) just in general
  • Transforming yourself throughout your life (like the caterpillar turning into a butterfly)
  • Having the capacity to heal yourself very, very deeply through various types of inner healing work such as depth psychology or more spiritual or esoteric approaches
  • Being able to hold space for very intense emotions from other people
  • Being a catalyst for major life transformations for other people
  • Having the capacity for healing yourself and/or facilitating healing for others through sexual intimacy
  • Being able to feel the energy of people, places, and things and possibly eventually having a talent for energy work
  • Having an interest in and/or natural talent for magic, divination, etc.
  • Having an increased capacity for psychic gifts and telepathic connections with others (though please explore yourself deeply when you perceive these to see if there’s something you’re projecting onto others)

It’s important to note that one of the best ways to get out from under some of the heavier energies, feelings, and themes associated with this conjunction is to develop connections with trustworthy people who are able to hold space for your feelings no matter how intense they are and be there with you while you work through them. Co-regulation and acceptance can be powerfully helpful in facilitating self-healing.

Remember, you’re far more capable of transforming difficulties, trauma, and pain into healing, insight, gifts, and joy than the average person. If you do the work, you’ll also know levels of freedom in life that most people never do. Many of the burdens you’re carrying can be released, and when they are, there are surprising gifts waiting there for you in their place. 🙂


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